We bring our expertise in education and literacy to your work.

Room 228 is looking for new and exciting ways to use our expertise in education and literacy. Our diverse team of experts gives us the flexibility to work on a broad range of projects. We approach our work from unique angles and recognize that while there are now unified educational standards, there is no standard way to educate and inspire young people. We’ll work with you to customize educational materials, curricula and programming to fit your needs and align with your mission.

Some of our current clients include publishers, museums, schools, libraries, authors and illustrators.

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Here is how we can work with you:

  1. Creating educational resources: teacher guides, instructional units, lesson plans, and assessments that are aligned to specific standards and competencies such as Common Core State Standards, Social Emotional Learning Competencies, and Social Justice Standards when requested.
  • Producing educational programming and events.
  • Creating educational marketing materials and content ranging from activity sheets to games to bookmarks and more.
  • Developing materials for highly engaging school, library and bookstore visits.
  • Building literacy collections.
  • Developing and managing special projects including unique publishing and literacy partnerships.
  • Producing children's literacy programming and events.
  • We can be the education and literacy expert(s) on your team.
  • Providing valuable analysis and specific critical insights through educator focus groups that enhance your educational materials to best fit the needs of students, teachers and schools while also aligning with your mission.