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When we were teaching together in New York City, Room 228 was our English office. It was where we met to brainstorm ideas, support one another’s work and collaborate.  Then, Sharon left to supervise student teachers and Erica left to work in publishing. We’ve come back together in Room 228. Now, we collaborate with educators from all different disciplines, all over the country, offer our expertise in education and literacy to a variety of industries and create resources and programs that can benefit children everywhere.   

Project of the Month

You better hold onto your socks because this book is about to knock them right off! Students are sure to love Marcus Makes It Big’s texts, emojis and realistic, REAL-LIFE conflicts. The activities in this guide give students a chance to dive deep into some big feelings, as well as get creative and cultivate a classroom community. Students will be reading, writing, analyzing, creating, and laughing the whole way. Happy reading!



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